Bears and Butterfly on Liberty Street

What I saw today with my camera
20180524-BearsInTree-737A7307  Two of the cubs getting friendly 20180524-BearsInTree-737A7037  Checking out the human 20180524-BearsInTree-737A7066  Cub jumping over mom 20180524-BearsInTree-LibertyPorch737A7610  Cub checking out Ann Wilton's porch 20180524-BearsInTree-737A7015Mams  What are you looking at? 737A6993  What are you looking at?
20180524-BearsInTree-737A7300crop  Play 20180524-BearsInTree-737A6982  Two of the cubs posing 20180524-BearsInTree-737A7001  Playing 20180524-BearsInTree-737A7030  Tired of just hanging out 20180524-BearsInTree-737A7519  I know I got up here somehow 20180524-BearsInTree-737A7378  What are you looking at?
20180524-BearsInTree-737A7163Butterfly  The bears were so intriguing, I almost missed the foreground color in Ann's yard