Lower Table Rocks Morning

Morning walk on Lower Table Rocks -
Once a sanctuary for Takelma Indians, today these cliff-edged mesas near
Medford are a haven for hikers and endangered wildflowers.
20170421-TableRock 9586  Early morning sun is low and gives the dramatic spotlight effect on this Fiddleneck. 20170421-TableRock 9609 16x20  Early spring and early morning makes for perky dew covered California Goldfiled. 20170421-TableRock 9717  The vernal pools are seasonal, so be there in the Spring and you may see fairy shrimp! 20170421-TableRock 9738  Great Camas makes a dramatic presence 20170421-TableRock 9814  Bi-color Lupine with a contrasting background 20170421-TableRock 9841 16x24  Mount McLoughlin is a steep-sided lava cone built on top of a composite volcano in the Cascade Range of southern Oregon and within the Sky Lakes Wilderness.  It makes a great background.
20170421-TableRock 9866-9779Bird 16x24  A high elevation "cave" makes a nice frame of the valley below with Turkey Vulture catching the updrafts 20170421-TableRock crop9625  California Goldfiled 20170421-TableRock crop9638  Morning dew brings out the colors ? of Blue-eyed Mary? 20170421-TableRock crop9644 16x20  Lomatium nestled next to a rock 20170421-TableRock crop9651 16x20  bicolored lupine 20170421-TableRock crop9663 16x20  bicolored lupine
20170421-TableRock crop9671 CloseCrop  bicolored lupine 20170421-TableRock crop9730 16x20  Great Camas 20170421-TableRock crop9752 16x24  Valley View 20170421-TableRock crop9761 16x24  lupines 20170421-TableRock crop9864 16x20  Valley View 20170421-TableRock crop9874 16x24  The 125-foot-thick andesite rims capping these U-shaped mesas are remnants of a lava flow that snaked down the Rogue River Valley