Snow Day Feb 23rd

New cold snow brought a full day of fun from a morning walk up the hill
to afternoon ski with friends
20170223-Snow-737A2148-  Early morning snow up close 20170223-Snow-MorningWalk737A2233-16x20  Morning walk 20170223-Snow-MorningWalk737A2239-16x24  Morning walk 20170223-Snow-MorningWalk737A2216-16x11  Morning walk 20170223-Snow-MorningWalk737A2237-16x20  Morning walk 20170223-Snow-MorningWalk737A2284-16x20  View from home
20170223-Ski-MtAshland737A2307-16x20  Lodge in the morning 20170223-Ski-Ashland737A2412-16x24  Looking down on the lodge 20170223-Ski-Ashland737A2493-16x20  From the chair lift 20170223-Ski737A2460  Top Views 20170223-Ski-Ashland737A2524-12x15  Top Views 20170223-Ski-Ashland737A2523-16x24  Top Views
20170223-Ski-Ashland737A2476-16x20  Woo Hoo 20170223-Ski-Ashland737A2489-12x15  Jump 20170223-Ski-Patrick737A2439-11x14  Pat 20170223-Ski-MichaelGoldman737A2301-16x20  Michael 20170223-Ski-Ashland737A2496-16x24  End of the day on top